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Freshwater fish

Lake Léman (or Lake Geneva) is the largest natural freshwater lake in Western Europe (582 km²) and provides shelter for many fish species. As to Vallée de Joux, there are three lakes: Lac de Joux, the largest in the Jura massif, Lac Brenet and Lac Ter. The following fish species are the ones you will most easily get on your plate:

This fish is delicious, prepared either in fillets fried in butter or baked in foil. 

Prepared either in fresh or smoked fillets, as a mousse or whole grilled or poached. 

Many gourmets consider this species among the finest freshwater fish, due to the quality of its reddish meat. Prepared in fillets, as a mousse or pâté, it is also recommended whole in a court bouillon to fully enjoy its taste, or baked in foil. 

This coveted fish, due to its exquisite flavour, is prepared in fillets, chops or quenelles, or as a mousse or pâté. 

Salmon trout:
This tasty fish is prepared whole or in fresh or smoked fillets. 

Where to eat a savoury fish course in Vallée de Joux?
Our hotels and restaurants, as well as two professional fishermen, let you enjoy our local gastronomy.


Daily fishing permit: 
Le Sentier, Prefecture, phone +41 021 557 43 99 
Le Sentier, Tourist information office +41 021 845 17 77 

Fishing-rod letting: 
L'Abbaye, Jura Evasion +41 079 332 38 65

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