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Caves of Vallorbe

The galleries carved out of the limestone in the Vallorbe Caves stretch over 3 km. The Fairy Treasure Trove, a collection of 250 minerals, enchants visitors.

The Vallorbe Caves, which are the biggest in the Jura, figure among the most interesting caves in Europe. They were discovered in 1961 and have been open to the public since 1974. High-ceilinged rooms alternate with galleries over a stretch of 3 km and in a constant temperature of 11°. Hollowed out by the river Orbe for centuries, the caves present a rich assortment of limestone concretions: stalactites, fistulas, limestone columns, and concretions in the shapes of bisons or fairy hair. The visit leads to the streams of the river Orbe flowing underground with deafening noise. 

Recent installations improve the visiting conditions even more: modulated lighting focuses on the unusual features one by one; duckboard passages allow for a full view of the cave reliefs. 

The visit can be extended with the discovery of a magnificent collection of minerals, the Fairy Treasure Trove, an exceptional moment in the caves.


From April to October
Open every day 9h30 - 16h30 (last entrance) - (9h30-17h30 in June, July and August)
November and March : Week-ends : 13h30 to 16h
Noember to March : special opening for groups
Adults : CHF 15.- € 11.- / children 6-15 : CHF 7.- € 5.-
- Reduced price - groups : Adults : CHF 13.- € 9.50 / children : CHF 6.- € 4.40
- Guided tour from 20 people : CHF 30.- € 22.-

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Grottes de Vallorbe et "Trésor des Fées"
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