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Cheese Vacherin museum

The Vacherin Mont-d’Or Museum describes the history of cheese in Joux Valley. Discover the extraordinary epic story of Vacherin in its native Charbonnières.

The farm and museum in Charbonnières presents a collection of historical objects and documents about the production of Vacherin Mont-d’Or. These objects were collected by a Vacherin master cheese refiner, who also recalls the story of this cheese.
Vacherin Mont-d’Or was elaborated in Joux Valley at the beginning of the 19th century. This cheese, which was only produced in winter, started to be marketed from Les Charbonnières, a village on Lake Brenet opposite Dent de Vaulion. It received a controlled origin appellation in 2003, guaranteeing its origin and its mode of production.
The “Pèlerin Cellar”, a traditional refining cellar, as well as the museum invite you from the cellar to table! 

Indeed, you can taste Vacherin prepared in the oven on site or buy one of the countless terroir products: Gruyère, regional Alpine cheese, Tomme vaudoise, goat and sheep cheese, raclette, snails, honey, cured sausages or Gentian schnapps.


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Musée du Vacherin Mont d'Or
1343 Les Charbonnières
Phone +41 (0)21 841 10 14


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