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Le Sentier

Le Sentier is the administrative centre of the Municipality of Le Chenit. The locals have devoted themselves to watchmaking since the eighteenth century, an industry that the village of Le Sentier is still well-known for.

If watchmaking is the most important industry in Le Sentier, choir-singing is of great cultural interest, often accompanied by church trumpets. 

In the beginning of the seventeenth century, the villagers of Le Sentier, 310 at the time, started to build a temple all by themselves. In 1688, a school was established there and in 1704, the Municipality of Le Chenit was appointed to be a parish, of which the vicarage was placed in Le Sentier.
In the beginning of last century, water still flowed in wooden pipes. Petrol and acetylene lighting slowly got replaced by electrical lighting. 

On December 6th 1900, in order to solve problems concerning finances, electricity, water, road network and land trading around the church, a decree of the Greater Council was accepted and the municipal fraction of Le Sentier accordingly founded. From 1946 onwards, the village of Le Sentier started to grow: various constructions, wide planning, purchase and sale of land, new recreation grounds and flowerbeds.
Today, Le Sentier is a central village in Vallée de Joux. It is where you will find the Sports Centre, an important structure to many of our inhabitants, and because it is the most populated village in our valley, Le Sentier has got an infrastructure accordingly: stores and shops, pharmacies, tradesmen, hotels and restaurants, as well as a hospital.

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Le Sentier

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